Can sperm make you bloated feeling? Know the best answer.

Can sperm make you bloated

Sex is the most blessed gift from nature for all the animals in the kingdom. Everyone including men and women wants a pleasurable sex life. No one wants to consider this natural gift. But there is a harsh feeling after sexual activities from the women’s side. Sometimes, She looks out of mind and feels bloated. It makes her male partner so anxious that what happens to her after sex. Many of us have observed this in our female partners. Females also become confused about that, what happened to them. Some males and females both think that this happens due to sperm ejaculation inside the vagina. Is this idea really true?

In this article, we will try to find the answer can sperm make you bloated feeling?

It is really hard to find the answer, to what makes women feel bloated after sex. As per the many researchers, there are some reasons behind these bloated feelings.

Uterus position

Some women have a backward position Uterus than the normal position. This is called the retroverted uterus. During sex, this retroverted Uterus gets more thrust by surrounding organs. This causes a feeling of bloating after sex. In this situation, it is better to visit a doctor. The doctor may suggest you pelvis exercise.

First-time sex or doing sex after a long time

If you are doing sex for the first time then you will feel bloating. After first-time sex, your vagina will hurt so much. The hymen is torn after sex. Due to this first-time experience, your female partner will feel bloating. Sometimes it causes bleeding through the vagina. It is normal if blood bleeds two or three drops. But if your blood continues to bleeding then it is better to go to a doctor. Because it turns into a serious injury.

Sometimes your male partner may live long away from you. After a long time having sex may feel painful. You must consider this distance relationship during post-sexual pain.

Over Sex

Over sex is the most common reason for feeling bloat. Very frequent sex can cause an infection inside the vagina. Yes, you can go maximum round as much as you can but your partner should have the capability to have sex more frequently in a single night. Over sex may cause the risk of vaginal and bladder infection. The ph of Semen may cause bacterial infection in the uterus.

Deep Penetration

Sex is fun. Sex brings enjoyment to life. Nobody wants limited enjoyment at this moment. But, Sometimes couples get deep penetration due to high orgasm. This deep penetration may get an injury in the lower uterus area. This causes static pain in the vagina. But don’t worry, this pain will not stay for a long time. This type of pain will cure within two days.

Infection in the Uterus

Your partner may have an infection in the Uterus. This may cause pain after sexual activities. You may observe your urine color after sex if you feel post-sex pain. If your urine color gets cloudy, reddish, and burning the urination then you should go to the doctor coz it suspects infection in the uterus. There are some common reasons affected by infection in the uterus. The most common reasons are

1) Birth of child or miscarriage: During labor, high pressure by child movement is created on the wall of the mother’s birth canal. Due to this high pressure on the uterus wall, the uterus gets torn.  At this time you will feel pain from the lower abdomen to the uterus. This situation makes you feel pain and bloat. After having a child, during sexual intercourse, women experience pain is very common.

In this situation, it is better to avoid sexual intercourse.

2) Sexually transmitted disease: Sexually transmitted diseases may feel your pain and bloat. If you do sexual intercourse with an unknown person then you have a high possibility to affect by sexually transmitted diseases. There are several types of sexually transmitted diseases. They are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis, and the most dangerous among them is HIV.

So be careful to do sexual intercourse with an unknown person. Must use a condom before intercourse.

3) Bacterial infection in the uterus: Bacterial infection is one of the main reasons for feeling bloat. It causes by the overgrowth of vaginal bacteria and creates an imbalance situation in the reproductive organ. Sex with multiple people is a very common reason for vaginal infection. It hampers your childbirth capability along with feeling pain and bloat in the lower abdomen.

Matching the above condition with bloat and abdominal pain, every woman would take it seriously for treatment. As early as possible she would visit an experienced doctor. But we all know that prevention is the best solution than cure. So we highly suggest using a condom if you have one more sexual partner whose who is not confident of you.

4) Doing sex against willingness may cause bloat feeling and lower stomach pain in a woman’s body.  Sometimes you need to do sex with your partner against your willingness. At this moment a woman does not feel any orgasm during sex. This causes injury in the uterus eventually experience pain.

During sex, our vagina secretes lubricating material in the uterus that makes a happy feeling during sex. Unwilling to sex hinders the secretion of this lubricating element which causes injury inside the vagina and uterus.

Sex during the menstrual cycle

During the menstrual cycle, our hormones change massively in a woman’s body. That is why sex during this time may cause pain in the lower abdomen area. We should avoid this time to do sex.

Cysts & Fibroids

Cysts and fibroids may cause pain and bloat feeling after sex. It creates low to heavy pain after sex or any time of the day. Cysts and fibroids can be cancerous or non-cancerous. But it is not possible to say without any identification. So if you feel any bloat or pain in the lower abdomen and vagina, you must go to the doctor to check it.

Digestion issue

Digestion issues may be the main culprit behind the scene. You must care about this problem if you bloat after sex. During sex, there is a high possibility to create gas in our stomachs. This may cause pain after having sex. Both males and females suffer from digestion problems.

In this article, we have learned some best possible reasons to feel bloat and pain in our lower abdomen area including the uterus and vagina.

Now we will know the most desired answer for feeling bloat after sex.

Can sperm make you bloated feeling after sex?

The best answer is yes !!! Sperm can cause a bloated feeling.  It is allergic problem for sperm in the woman’s vagina.

Prostaglandin is a hormone-like substance in some people’s sperm that causes allergy in the sensitive vaginas. For this reason, some women feel pain and bloat after sexual intercourse. Yes, it is very uncommon but it happens to some women.

Research is conducted in 2011 in the USA that showed, about 40000 women are affected with prostaglandin allergic symptoms. The most common symptoms are redness or discoloration, rash, and burning in the vagina.

So from the above information, we can say that there are many reasons to feel the bloat without sex. Sperm release is not the only reason to feel bloat after sex. It is really difficult to stand on a decision for which reason you are feeling bloat and pain.  Now, we need to learn how to get rid of bloat feelings after sex in the future. Just carry on to read till the last of this article.

How to reduce bloat feeling after sex

Taking time before sex

Before sex take some time to prepare your partner. Do some romantic story to give her a signal that you want to do sexual intercourse. It makes your partner mentally prepare to get ready for sex.

Changing position

Try to find the best position to avoid the extra penetration into the uterus. Deep penetration will make your partner so uncomfortable may tear inside the vagina. So finding the sexual position is important.

Hot water therapy

After sex, you can take hot water therapy if you feel bloat or any unpleasant pain. During the ovulation period, you may feel pain. A hot water bath will help you to reduce your pain.

As per the discussion, we can say that feeling is not a good sign at all. At end of the day, feeling bloat of any pain after sex makes our sexual life very anxious. It converts our enjoyable moments into painful life. But still, the best practice is to visit a doctor immediately. Because you already know that there are a lot of reasons to feel pain after sex or without sex. No pain should not be treated without the consultancy of a doctor. But primarily you can do as per the above suggestion as a primary treatment.

You can share your opinion about the bloated feeling after sex by our comment section. You are always highly eager to learn from your experience.

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