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Does Semenax Actually Work? A Complete Review of Semenax.

Introduction: Semenax & Sexual Performance

After crossing the age of 40, men start losing their libido rapidly. The impact becomes more severe when they reach the age of 60. According to many clinical studies, men after 60 have 85% decreased testosterone production. They experience low libido and semen volume as well as reduced sperm function and the ultimate result of “frustrating sexual performance”.

Does semenax actually work?

However, the thing is not only limited to older people, there are millions of younger males who experience such devastating situations. There are several factors that can lead to inadequate sperm production. For instance, hormonal imbalance, inappropriate medications, chronic illness, and consumption of alcohol or drugs. 

The ultimate results of low sperm production are more terrible that including infertility, failure to obtain and maintain an erection, low sex drive, and trouble ejaculation. Sometimes pain and swelling in the testicular area can also be experienced. 

However, if these problems remain unchecked, people may face bruised masculinity, low self-esteem, and unexpected conflict in their relationships. 

Fortunately, every problem has a solution. If you’re struggling with low sperm count and experiencing unsatisfying sexual performance, there is still hope to boost up again. 

Let’s introduce you to the ultimate flagship male enhancement supplement from Leading Edge Health named “Semenax”. Semenax is such a wonderful male enhancement supplement that can change your whole perspective by providing immense orgasms and the incredible sexual power that you and your partner desire most. 

The advanced formula of Semenax contains 100% natural and powerful ingredients that trigger the natural production of semen in the body. All the ingredients used in Semenax are praised all around the world for their incredible effectiveness to improve semen production and sperm fertility.

However, if you’re still thinking, does Semenax actually work? Read through our Semenax reviews. Here we’re going to present an in-depth discussion about this supplement. 

How does Semenax actually work?

Semenax is a revolutionary formula with potential herbal ingredients. All the ingredients of Semenax work on various mechanisms. Each of the added components helps to boost the operational capacity of internal organs which results in more production and ejaculation of semen. 

Let’s have a closer look at how does Semenax actually work:

1) Increasing Semen Volume

Does semenax actually work?

Semen is a fluid that’s secreted from the seminal vesicle. Semen contains some vital elements including potassium, citric acid, inorganic phosphorous, sugar fructose, and prostaglandins. 

The seminal vesicle is situated in the pelvis of men. According to research, 70% of the total semen volume is produced in the seminal vesicle. All the ingredients of Semenax are formulated in such a way that directly triggers semen production in the seminal vesicle. 

2) Increasing Prostate Fluid

Semenax targets the prostate gland of our body and helps to increase the amount of prostate fluid. Prostate fluid is a crucial element that nourishes and protects the sperms.

When you feel an urge to ejaculate during sex, this fluid gets squeezed into the urethra by the prostate gland and finally, the sperms come out. Semenax contains a blend of amino acids and powerful herbs that helps to increase prostate fluid production. 

3) Enhancing Seminal Plasma Generation

Seminal plasma is a type of complex fluid.  Generally, it is secreted from all organs and tubules of the seminal tract. Seminal plasma plays a vital role to maintain the function and metabolism of sperm. 

When it’s about sperm fertility, seminal plasma is one of the most important fluids. Fortunately, the special formula of Semenex enhances seminal plasma generation and helps to improve sperm fertility. 

Semenax Ingredients and their benefits

According to the official formula, Semenex contains seventeen all-natural ingredients that are clinically studied and validated to ensure the highest potency. Here are all the Semenax ingredients and their benefits mentioned below:

L-Arginine HCL

This is a type of amino acid that enhances protein production in the body. This is mostly in foods that are rich in protein such as red meat and fish. 

Benefits: L-Arginine HCL acts as a protein builder and encourages nitric oxide production in the body. The enhanced production due to this ingredient helps to widen blood vessels and improves blood flow. It also works as a sperm enhancer and helps to increase semen production and quality. 


This is almost similar to the L-arginine HCL because it is also a part of the amino acids family that works as protein builders and is mostly available in the same foods. 

Benefits: L-Lysine is one of the key ingredients that has been used in numerous male enhancement supplements. The most significant effect of this ingredient is muscle building and promoting some other essential body processes. 


This chemical is produced by our body itself and helps to convert fat into energy. Although it isn’t the same thing it shares properties with amino acids. 

Benefits: This is one of the most important ingredients of male enhancement supplements for men who have lower production of it in the body. Its effectiveness to increase semen volume and sperm count is proven through clinical studies. Besides, it improves overall semen quality as well. 

Swedish Flower Pollen

Swedish wildflowers are praised for their wellness-boosting properties. This ingredient is the pollen extract from any of the Swedish wildflowers. 

Benefits: Pollen collected from Swedish wildflowers have been used from ancient times as a traditional medication to increase libido. However, many clinical studies have also proven the effectiveness of similar compounds to promote semen volume and sexual function. 

Butea Superba

Butea Superba is a herbal extract mostly found in aphrodisiacs. This ingredient is collected from a local shrub of Thailand. 

Benefits: This is known as a natural aphrodisiac that improves erections and helps to reverse erectile dysfunction. In Thai holistic medicine, this ingredient is a popular form of go-to male enhancement herb.  

Epimedium Sagittatum

Epimedium Sagittatum, also known as horny goat weed is a flowering plant from ancient China. This is a historical medication to treat various health conditions. 

Benefits: This ingredient helps to boost testosterone production and helps to increase testosterone levels in the body. As a result, a man will experience boosted sexual performance and sperm count. 

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seed is a pretty common ingredient that’s collected from pumpkin and packed with antioxidants and some other essential micronutrients.

Benefits: Pumpkin seed is the most reliable source of zinc, which is considered a vital nutrient for sperm production. As well, this ingredient has excellent capability to combat hair loss issues. 


Maca is the root of the Maca plant from Peru. It is also known as Peruvian ginseng. This is quite familiar in Peru as herbal medicine to treat various health issues including fatigue, menopause, etc. 

Benefits: Several reviews have reported the effectiveness of Maca root to improve semen quality. As a natural semen enhancer, it promotes sperm count, quantity, and motility. 

Pine Bark Extract

This herbal ingredient is sourced from the bark of the pin trees available in French Maritime. Pine bark extract is rich in powerful anti-oxidants.

Benefits: Pin bark extract has a tremendous ability to improve sperm count. This is why males with low fertility often prefer it. Besides, it promotes semen quantity as well as increases motility. 


A tree extract mostly found in the Brazilian rainforest

Benefits: Works as a natural aphrodisiac and helps to treat low libido.

Muira Puama

A plant from the Amazon. The root and leaves of this tree have been used as medicine historically.

Benefits: One of the most important natural aphrodisiacs that helps to improve blood circulation and provides a quality erection. 

Hawthon Berry

Different tasty jams and jellies can be made from these small and sweet red berries.

Benefits: Hawthrn berry is mostly used for improving cardiovascular function as well as effective as a remedy for atherosclerosis. It initiates better blood flow translation to minimize harder erections. 

Semenax Reviews: Does it improve semen volume, sperm function, and even libido?

Undoubtedly, Semenex is potent to improve semen volume, sperm function, and even libido. Its effectiveness has been proven through several clinical studies and evidence by numerous customer feedbacks. 

Increased semen Volume:

Semenax boasts a precise blend of various herbal extracts that helps to improve semen volume. Regular consumption of Semenex helps a man to ejaculate larger amounts. Many consumers have reported more satisfying orgasms than ever before. 

Improved Sperm Function

The most obvious thing to have a baby is proper sperm function or sperm fertility. The quality and quantity of sperm can determine the fertility of the sperm. If your body can produce a larger number of sperm, no matter if all of them are in good shape or not, still you have a better chance to make your partner pregnant compared to a low sperm count.

Moreover, Semenax enhances the overall quality of your sperm as well as the quantity. There are two important ingredients, zinc and maca root available in Semenex that are praised for promoting sperm health. 

Improved Libido

While Semenax has earned immense popularity among consumers for increased semen volume, there are many customer reviews available that have shown its effectiveness to provide improved libido.

Semenax contains some powerful herbal ingredients that are known as natural libido boosters. For instance, Maca root has been used in Peru for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac and libido booster. 

Does this formula really work?

We don’t believe in words only. To ensure whether a product is trustworthy we should have a more clarified idea about its effectiveness. Luckily, Semenax boasts an advanced formula that works unconditionally.

Semenax is formulated by a randomized and placebo-controlled clinical study to investigate whether it’s able it enhances semen volume. The result of this clinical study has shown that it can boost semen volume and orgasms intensity significantly. 

Besides, we have analyzed several customer reviews available on forums, Reddit, Amazon, and their official website that have proven astonishing results of improved semen volume, sperm count, and even libido after consuming these pills. 

Are there side effects of taking the pills?

Semenax is an all-natural supplement. All the ingredients used in this supplement are clinically studied and research-backed to ensure the highest effectiveness and avoid certain harmful reactions or side effects. Fortunately, there are no documented side effects after consuming these pills. 

Any healthy man above 18 years old can safely take these pills. However, men under 18 years should avoid this supplement. 

12-Month Routine, Impressions/Results

A nasty lifestyle can bring a devastating situation like I was going through. fortunately, I found Semenax. This tremendous formula has changed my life. Here I’m going to share my 12-month routine and amazing results after consuming these pills. 

I started taking two pills per day, one in the morning and another in the evening. Taking this supplement won’t be effective unless you change your bad lifestyle. So, I changed myself. 

First Month- I noticed more intense orgasms after the first month of taking these pills. 

Second Month- I started feeling more confident as I had noticed a significant improvement already. The most interesting fact was that my partner had also noted the fact. 

8th Month- After seven months I just noticed a dramatic change in my sperm count. Till then I didn’t notice any allergic reactions or side effects at all. 

After Twelve Months- As the result was getting more prominent and better, I noticed a visible increment in my sperm count. Finally, my sperm increased 8 times than previous. 

The working process of this supplement was gentle and gradual, this is why I didn’t feel any sharp surge at all. I was feeling Like my body is being trained more in sperm production. 

Semenax customer reviews of United States: How much does it increase semen volume?

Here are some of the popular customer reviews from the United States from Trustpilot a popular third-party product review site. 

Love the product and ordered my second larger order. But I’ve been waiting for over a week. Quicker free shipping would be preferred – By Thomas Thorndike 

Five stars from 77 years old – By Peter Wuschotz 

Although I have been taking SEMENAX for just about 1 wk now, I CAN SEE my performance has ‘already’ improved, tremendously. If after this short time, and having noted my ‘performance’, I can hardly wait till some more weeks goes by and be able ‘compare’ with others.

I have been having much stronger orgasms and the volume of semen I shoot is crazy. It’s all over the headboard, nightstands, and wall behind the bed – By Michael

Final Words

Are you still hesitant and thinking does Semenax actually work? I wish the question won’t arise in your mind again. You might have already realized that Semenax is a money-worthy natural method to increase semen volume so far. Now it’s up to you. However, don’t forget to purchase the product from their official website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to consult a doctor before purchasing Semenax?

Although Semenax is free from any adverse effect on the body. Still consulting with a doctor will be a wise decision. You can share your plans about consuming this supplement with your doctor. Especially, if you’re suffering from heart problems, blood pressure issues, or diabetes, we recommend taking this supplement after it’s approved by your doctor. 

  • When will I see the results?

Semenax is a supplement, not a drug. It contains 100% natural ingredients. This is why it doesn’t work instantly as other drugs do. You might notice some progress after a few weeks. To achieve the highest result, you have to take these pills regularly for 5 to 6 months. However, you will notice significant results just after a couple of months. 

  • What vitamins increase seminal fluid?

There are several vitamins that can increase seminal fluid in the body and helps to increase sperm count. These essential vitamins include Vitamin D, Vitamins C, and E, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B-12, Zinc, Omega 3s. 

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