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The demand for penis enlargement products is increasing day by day. That is why many pharmaceutical industries introduce various penis enlargement equipment and pills. Nevertheless, all of these gadgets and pills are not as effective as advertised or sometimes result in serious side effects. Luckily, the Pro Extender device is out of that chaos and has proven to be incredibly effective in penis enlargement. Let’s learn more from Pro Extender reviews. 

Men across the world have a major concern about whether their penis size is enough to satisfy their partners. There is a strong relationship between penis size and sexual satisfaction. Still, the size does matter, it is better to have at least 7 inches. About 80% of women want a husband with a bigger penis.

When you have a large penis, it will boost the confidence that drives you to perform better sexual performance in bed. And of course, no one likes that smaller penis. This is the reason why men seek various ways to enlarge their penis. 

Pro extender device

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What is Pro Extender? Is it a natural penis enlargement device?

Pro Extender is a leading penis enlargement device in the market, which was developed by Dr. John E. Siana. This penis enlarger offers progressive growth of penile tissues with moderate and pleasant traction. It increases the size of your penis naturally without any adverse effects. 

While penile enlargement surgeries are quite expensive and even not much effective, the Pro Extender device is the cheapest and safest alternative to surgery. The working process of this device is clinically proven and it is made of surgical-grade materials to ensure the highest safety of users. 

Pro extender device is a completely natural penis enlargement device.

Pro extender reviews

Penis enlargement surgery Vs Pro Extender

Many of us suggest penis enlargement surgery to enlarge the penis but it is really very difficult and dangerous to your penis health. You know the penis is a very sensitive organ. It contains a large number of senses to give entertainment during sex. During surgery, these sensory organs may get damaged.

However, Penis enlargement is very costly and needs a highly experienced doctor. It will cost you 5000 to 15000 dollars depends upon the doctors and clinic.

Still, penis enlargement surgery is not a 100% successful method. The success ratio of surgery is not more than 60% on average. Do you want to take the risk to be in the rest 40%?

Would your partner allow it? Do you want to take the risk to lose your penis forever?

On the other hand, the Pro extender works on the traction method which increases the number of cells of your penis. It is very similar to increase muscles in the gymnasium. Eventually, it enlarges your penis. It is a safe, side effect free and permanent solution. It cost you below 500 dollars.It is possible to increase your penis by 1.45 inches by 24 weeks permanently.  

How long should you wear a Pro Extender?

How long should you wear a Pro Extender depends on your personal preference. Well, let me explain. If you’re completely okay to perform your daily activities while wearing this device, then it’s fine. You can continue wearing it for up to 8 hours a day. 

In most cases, men feel a bit odd or unpleasant initially, so begin with minimal wearing time. For the best result, you can wear it 5 hours a day on a regular basis. According to some experts, the more you wear this, the quicker you’ll get results. 

Hence, many people prefer wearing this device 8 hours per day. If you do so, make sure to keep a small gap for 15 minutes at least. This will help your penis to get relaxed. Most importantly, avoid wearing Pro Extender while going to sleep. 

How to grow your penis by Pro Extender?

Penis extender, also known as a penile traction device, comes as a blessing for numerous men who are leading their life worrying about their penis size. These devices are designed to initiate moderate traction in the penile area that increases the size and girth of the penis gradually. 

According to some research, extender devices work. However, users have to be persistent and dedicated to achieving noticeable results. Some other research suggests that penis extenders provide the same effectiveness as penile surgery does. In case of risk and cost, penis extenders are the most preferable option to more quick penile increment. 

Penis extenders are comparatively inexpensive and have almost zero risks. A study conducted on 15 people found that users have gained significant changes in their penis size. Their penis size was increased by 0.9 to 2.3 inches depending on the individual. 

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Does the Penis extender actually work?

If you’re still thinking about whether penis extenders actually work or not, this portion is for you. However, we have to think about some criteria involved with the process to evaluate the effectiveness of penis extenders. 

Before you start using a penile extender, you have to understand one critical fact first. Otherwise, disappointment is the only thing you’ll achieve in the end. You shouldn’t expect to get a giant penis overnight, necessarily it’s quite overwhelming for any penis extender. In short, you’ll notice penis expansion progressively, and obviously, your penis won’t turn into a redwood tree at all. 

Frankly speaking, if you want your little organ to grow like your arm through a simple penis extender, you’re on the wrong track. So, it’s wise to have patience and wait for adding a few inches and a bit of improvement in the girth. At this point, you’ll find penis extenders impressive. 

However, all penis extenders are not equally effective as pro extender devices. Some may give you incredible effectiveness, while some may be stuck to lukewarm results. In the end, how effective a penis extender will be may vary depending on your needs and use patterns. As well, the efficacy of such a device also depends on the manufacturer. In this perspective, Pro Extender is one of the best penis extenders available in the market. 

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How to get a bigger penis by Quick Pro Extender?

The Quick Pro Extender device is structured based on the principles of penis traction. Penis traction is the process of applying controlled and persistent stretching on the penile tissues. Due to being a medical process, you have to be consistent and the result will come out progressively. 

The whole working process of Quick Extender Pro can be classified into three particular steps that accumulate final effects. These steps include:

Step 1- Wear Quick Extender Pro In an Appropriate Way

First, you have to wear the device properly. Wear the device for a certain period of time to gain a stable effect. Many men prefer wearing it daily, while some others keep a day gap. However, you have to consider your body condition and your goal. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t exceed the recommendation of the program. You may find it a bit odd, but it will be fine to adjust after some days. 

Step 2- The traction force released from the device increases blood flow and cause micro-tears in the penile area

When it’s about tears in any organ, you may not welcome it at all or may seem to be quite unpleasant. However, the min magic lies in those micro-tears caused by the traction device. As our body repairs any kind of tears immediately. Micro Tears are not visible to the naked eye, but their repairing process initially increases the size and girth of your penis gradually. Of course, it’s harmless. Those microtears are so small that you won’t feel them at all. 

Step 3- Your body starts repairing those micro tears and triggers penis enlargement

Here is the final and most important step. This is the process where your body repairs those microtears caused by the traction force and the whole thing is done by your body on its own. If we talk more deeply, cells of the penile area divide and replicate new cells to repair those micro tears and increase the size of your penis progressively. 

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How to use the Pro Extender device

Every Pro Extender device comes with a well-organized owner manual, this will help you to assemble it properly. After assembling the device, you have to wear it following some steps. If you don’t wear the device properly, you may not get expected results no matter how long you wear it. 

There are some additional bars in the package that you have to screw up with the device. You need to attach these bars smoothly to the device. These spring-loaded bars are designed to deliver an ample amount of traction force that elongates your penile organ gradually. 

Pro Extender device consists of several parts that include:

  • A basal plastic ring along with a recess designed for the urethra. 
  • Two metal bars. These bars have two-sided threads for right and left that allow you to adjust the traction level. 
  • A tube with hidden spring contrivance. 
  • Two plastic bars attached with the silicone tube to hold the penis 

Step-by-step process of using Pro Extender:

Here are some important instructions to wear and use the Pro Extender device. 

Wear in flaccid (No erection)

Before wearing the device, make sure your penis is in a non-erect state. 

Wear protective padding

Every Pro Extender comes with foam padding to protect your penis. Make sure you’re wearing that protective padding. 

Wear comfort strap

Insert your penis into the basal ring and secure it with your desired strap. It can either be a silicone strap, silicone tube, or velcro strap. 

Adjust the length

Increase the length of the bars using those threads. Select the length according to your penis size and where it doesn’t hurt. 

Wear in the preferred direction

You can wear the device either in an upward or downward direction. It’s completely your personal choice. 

Tips on how to use the Pro Extender device Safely:

Here are some important instructions to use Pro Extender correctly and to avoid any damage to your penis. 

  • Make sure you have worn the device following the appropriate procedure to ensure significant results and to avoid injuries. 
  • Try to fasten the strap only to hold your penis without putting much force on it. 
  • Increase the length of bars until you feel stretch. 
  • As a beginner, you may feel a bit odd, so it’s wise to wear for minimum time and increase the wearing time gradually. Try to keep an interval after every two hours. 
  • Once you’re feeling completely okay to wear the device for 5-6 hours continuously, you may be able to wear it while sleeping (we don’t recommend though)
  • Don’t take any pills, herbal supplements, oils, tablets, or any kind of products like these. 

Comparing the 3 Pro Extender packages

The manufacturer of Quick Extender Pro offers four specific packages. Each package comes with a DVD for instruction and measurement tools and charts to track your progress. However, there are some differences between these packages depending on the number of supplied accessories and rods. The package and price breakdown are as follows. 

Pro Extender Basic Package

To purchase the deluxe standard edition, you have to spend $149.You can save up to $50 while purchasing the Pro Extender basic package. This package includes:

  • one set of 2-inch elongation bars
  • a comfort strap

Pro Extender Deluxe Package

This bundle is priced at $299 and considered a better option than the basic package. This package is perfect for men with flaccid penes. The components included in this package are much more in number than the previous one. SO, it’s quite dependable to ensure better comfort and performance. Components of this package are:

  • A Comfort strap,
  •  two sets of 2-inch elongation bars, 
  • a metal carrying box,
  •  a silicone strap, 
  • a Pro Extender System device, 
  • and a collection of ½ inch elongation bars.

Moreover, you’ll receive Semenx pills and erection with the package. That’s quite impressive. These pills are efficient in improving orgasms and erection quality.

Value Edition

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly package, this is for you. You can purchase it for $120 only. Considering its lower price, it offers lower tension potential compared to others. Besides, replacement parts are also less. 

Pro Extender Ultimate Package

This $497 package seems quite pricey in general. surprisingly, this is the most value-for-money package. Like the previous one, it also offers Eractin and Semenax tablets. 

You can save up to $200 by purchasing this package. Each package is secured by an extended six-month money-back guarantee. So, you can invest in this package without any hesitation. So

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Is penis traction of Quick Extender Pro safe?

The answer is simply “Yes”. You shouldn’t worry about any adverse effects on the penile area until you use the device aggressively. If you use this device following all instructions, there is no chance of damage. As well as, it will give you persistent results. 

Does penis traction have any alternative?

If we talk about the most reliable alternative, it will be penile surgery. Doctors suggest penile surgery for a longer or wider penis. However, this type of surgery is too expensive compared to Quick Extender Pro. 

Money-back guarantee & return policy

The manufacturer of this extender device offers a satisfying money-back guarantee. Under the official return policy, if a person is dissatisfied with the product, he will be refunded within 60 days of purchase. 

Is Quick Extender Pro legit?

Yes, Quick Extender Pro is completely legit. This device is being used by numerous men all over the world and there is much positive feedback available online. Most importantly, its 6-days money-back guarantee means that your investment is always secured. 

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