Quick Extender Pro Instructions for penis enlarge procedure.

The article quick extender pro Instructions describes the best way to use Pro Extender to get a better result.

quick extender pro instructions

There are numerous people who are disappointed with the size of their penis. This sense of dissatisfaction often leads a man to feel sexual inadequacy and anxiety. According to several studies, men with a larger penis feel a more positive self-image during sexual intercourse.

No matter, you’re looking for a way to increase the size of your penis or even want to get your penis larger than average, a penis extender device can be the best-proven option. There are so many penis enlargement programs and extender devices available in the market. The Quick Extender Pro stands out from the crowd with its impressive features and superior performance.

However, grabbing an extender device doesn’t mean you’ll get a giant-sized penis overnight. You have to be patient as well as follow the ideal instructions to see the best result. Therefore, we have come up with Quick Extender Pro Instructions to use this device most effectively and achieve outstanding results.

How to Wear Quick Extender Pro for penis enlarge procedure

quick extender pro instructions for Pro extender device

You have got your exciting gadget in your hand, now it’s time to use it in the proper way, right? Well, let’s go through the proper usage guide.

  • First, you need to assemble the device correctly. There are many items you’ll see in the package. Although the number of items may differ depending on the package you have bought. Luckily, the user manual is enough to set it up perfectly.
  • Now set the device upon your penis with two silicon straps included with it. Set one strap right behind the head of your penis.
  • Next, you have to use the comfort pads included with the device following the instructions from the user manual. These pads are made from viscoelastic polyurethane hence they can match your penis size easily.
  • There is a base ring at the bottom of the device through which you have to insert your penis. After inserting your penis, pull on the straps and tighten them up so you don’t feel discomfort. Tightening will help you to keep the device secure in its position.
  • After that, adjust the length of the rod. Adjusting these rods will determine how much pressure you want to be exerted on your penis. Starting with light pressure is ideal, especially for beginners.

How Long Do You Have to Wear Quick Extender Pro?

To ensure that the penis traction therapy is working properly, you have to wear the device for a certain period of time. However, this time differs from person to person. For instance, many men wear the device daily, while some may take days off. The best thing is that, listen to your body and try to realize your goals of the timeline that will bring success.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t exceed the rigors that are suggested by the manufacturer or experts. In the user’s manual, you will see two specific programs included. As we say, you have to determine which program suits you and fits your schedule.

The result mainly depends on your total use time, not daily use. Hence the time period is quite flexible. If you use the device for at least 700-800+ hours for around 6-8 months, that would be the best for you. You can wear it 5-6 hours daily without any complexity or irritations.

How Can I Make Quick Extender Pro more comfortable?

Pro extender device

As far as our assumption, an enlarger device shouldn’t look soft at all. Rather it should feel soft, while the building material is durable and provides enough support to your penis. Quick extender pro comes with a double strap design that makes wearing this device more comfortable. You can go for comfort straps rather than silicon. This will add extra comfort.

In case, you’re facing little irritations, you can use more straps for better sensation. Also, many people use additional pads for better softness and comfort. Generally, you won’t feel it too irritating for the first time, still, it can initiate an odd feeling though. After regular usage, you’ll feel all okay and your penis will be adjusted with it.

How long does it take for the Quick Extender Pro to work?

The working process of Quick Extender Pro is gradual. Generally, you might notice your initial penis growth within 2-3 months after beginning. As we mentioned before, it’s not a super-fast process because it requires building up new tissue in your penis. That is why it takes time.

According to the manufacturer’s statement, its double strap design makes it more special than others. They claim that the user will feel the result within the first week of the treatment. You will notice visible results in 2-3 weeks.


How long should you wear a pro extender?

How long you should wear a Pro Extender device depends on your body condition. More specifically, the actual condition of your penis. Besides, your daily life and activities can also influence the use of time. If you feel it is completely okay to perform your daily work wearing an extender device then it’s good.

As per our recommendation, you can wear this device for a maximum of 8 hours a day. Continue using this device for at least 7-8 months to see the best result. Generally, experts assume it will work within 3 months. But depending on your goal you can extend the time. However, try to take a rest every couple of days. This will help your penis to repair.

Can you wear a Quick Extender Pro while you sleep?

All penis extender devices work on a common phenomenon, which is causing micro-tears gradually and promoting cell duplications over time in your penile area. The same thing goes for Quick Extender Pro. Due to this silent working process, it doesn’t create many difficulties anytime. However, there are many people who don’t prefer wearing the device while working.

In this case, wearing Quick extender Pro during sleep seems to be a good idea to experience proper benefits. You can wear it before going to sleep and let it do its work silently. Well, maybe it’s looking pretty easy and tempting to you. But we don’t recommend it.

There are several reasons that might let you think once again and avoid wearing this device while sleeping. Wearing it during sleep can cause some problems mentioned below

  • While you’re wearing the Quick Extender Pro, the blood flow on your penis should be restored on a semi-regular basis. Unfortunately, this thing is almost impossible when you’re asleep.
  • If you are used to experiencing random erections during sleep, it could be quite uncomfortable for you. No matter what kind of strap is used in your extender device, it will cut off the actual blood flow. The fact becomes worse when you’re in deep sleep and have no sense to loosen the strap during erections.
  • Turning around can be more difficult while wearing this device. If you roll around a lot while sleeping, just avoid it. Turning your body while wearing a device in sleep can cause pain in your penis.

Tips to Wear Quick Extender Pro While Sleeping

Well, if you badly want to wear Quick Extender Pro while sleeping, there are some effective tips that can keep you free from difficult situations.

  • In case you want to wear Quick Extender Pro during sleep, try to make sure you’re not using it for more than 4 hours.
  • You can set up an alarm for two hours and loosen the device after every interval. This will keep the blood circulation normal.
  • When you have attached the device with your penis, make sure your penis remains warm. For this, you can cover up the penis with a sock.
  • Try to wear elastic pants or pajamas. This will help you to keep your penis pointing down and headed towards the belly. So, during erections, you won’t feel pain as it’s headed towards your belly.
  • One of the most important recommendations to use an extender device during sleep is using a comfort strap. Your device is equipped with silicone straps though, using a comfort strap will ensure better comfort. Especially when you’re sleeping with Quick Extender Pro.

Is Quick Extender Pro Results Permanent?

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While it’s about a penis extender device, many people might be hesitant about the permanency of results. Luckily, Quick Extender Pro has made it out of that hesitation by providing permanent results to the majority of its users. The main reason behind the permanent results is its working process.

The quick extender increases your penis size based on various physical processes such as micro-tearing and repairing. It works without any kind of metabolic intervention. This is why users mostly see results within the first month. As your penis requires occasional exercise to maintain its increased size acquired previously, the more hours you wear the device, the stronger and more prominent the result you will experience.

How many hours a day should I wear Quick Extender Pro?

The mechanism extender devices use is quite similar to the workout for bodybuilding in the gym. If you have ever worked out in a gym for bodybuilding, you might know the procedure to hit a particular muscle group in your body. Likewise, an extender device hits your penile area with a minute force that’s about 900 to 1100 milligrams.

In a bodybuilding workout, the more time you spend, you’ll notice more prominent results. The same thing goes for penis extenders. However, everything has a limit and doing excess never end in good results. As per experts, recommendations, you should use the device for at least 6 hours per day in the beginning. Many users have reported using Quick Extender Pro for up to 12 hours. Although we suggest you keep it up to 8 hours per day.

How long should you wear a Pro Extender?

According to the official statement of the Pro Extender manufacturer, the average wearing time of this device is 5-6 hours per day. However, you can fix it with your preference as well. Remember to keep one day gap in a week. That means you should wear a maximum of 6 days per week. Taking one day’s rest helps your penis to recover.

Pro extender device


Does Pro Extender work?

Yes, there is no doubt about its effectiveness. As per our research and customer feedback, Pro Extender really works. However, you may not see its results overnight though and you shouldn’t expect it at all or you’ll feel disappointed at last. If you can use this device consistently for 4-6 months, you’ll surely experience impressive results. As we mentioned before, this device can be used for up to 12 hours per day.

The working process of this device is quite straightforward and almost similar to a bodybuilding workout. Besides, it is formulated with medical ideals and uses mechanical stretching. Hence, the results will increase proportionally to its use time. The most impressive fact of this device is, it doesn’t only focus on the shaft rather it also targets the head of your penis and ensures an overall expansion of your penis.

In short, Pro Extender is a silent worker that works silently but results in outstanding effectiveness. Many people have also found it effective to treat Peyronie’s disease as well as straightening the curved penis. It also helps to recover post-surgery effects after prostate cancer operations.

Pro Extender is a medical device, this is why it’s designed with absolute consciousness to achieve multiple goals other than enlargement. For instance, it is beneficial to help people with erectile dysfunction as its pressure pumping helps to maintain proper blood flow in the penis. There are numerous testimonials available online from people who have already benefited from this excellent device.

How soon can I expect to see results?

How soon you’ll see results may depend on your using pattern, in short how consistently you’re using this device. However, a study was performed with some users. The results of that treatment might give you a better idea about the actual time to see results. In that study, users were instructed to use the device for a minimum of 8 hours per day, 6 days per week.

Within the first week, users experienced a sense of effectiveness. However, the initial usage time was a bit lower, as a new user may find it odd. After 5 weeks, users had seen impressive enlargement in their penis. As per the study and user opinions, you can expect to see results within the first two weeks. To see the maximum results, you should use it for at least 2 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects reported after using Quick Extender Pro so far. To be more clarified, there is no significant side effect of using this device. However, using any metal object on a sensitive organ like a penis can bring a bit of discomfort. This discomfort may include an itchy sensation on your penis, little redness in the first couple of days. Although, these are natural and will be gone after regular use.

  • Will I lose all results if using Quick Extender Pro is stopped?

It depends on how much time you’re wearing this device. As per our research, Quick Extender Pro provides permanent results unless you use it regularly or for less time. If you use it consistently for 5-6 hours per day, you’ll experience permanent results after 4-5 months.

  • How will enlargement affect my erections?

There is scientific proof that penis enlargement can affect your erections. Rather, using Quick Extender Pro helps to ensure maximum blood flow in your penis which is beneficial for better erections. In case you’re thinking about erections while wearing the device, it can affect your erection if the straps are tightened too much. Simply loosen up the straps then it’s completely okay.

  • What should I do if an erection occurs while wearing this device?

Erections can occur at any time. If you get an erection while wearing Quick Extender Pro, simply loosen up the silicon straps to make room for your extended penis.


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